About Tiwana

Tiwana cattle feed was established in 1999 under the name of Tiwana Oil Mills Private Limited. Tiwana, a trusted name in the field of cattle feed, believes in quality delivery at the right time and place. Tiwana Oil Mills Private Limited is a renowned food and agro products enterprise engaged in processing, supplying and trading of mustard oil. This success and belief is due to the dedication and visionary of the director of Tiwana.

Why Tiwana Cattle Feed ?

Here the cattle feed is prepared specifically at the fat and protein requirements of Buffalo and cows. The company knows that healthy cattle feed increases animal production capacity, which increases the quality of our country (wealth of Indian farmer) in many cases.

Cattle feed is prepared according to the standards given by the state government. Raw materials are purchased only after lab testing and non polluted areas for the production of finished products. The company adheres to strict commercial policies and transparent transactions to become an ideal source for all types of cattle feed products. This keeps our products even better while maintaining consistent quality checks and keeping promises made to customers. The idea of continuous improvement and the best efforts of the best animal feeding products have made the company a big profit. This is the reason that Tiwana is very popular in the farming community.

Why Tiwana Mustard Oil ?

Tiwana Mustard Oil is manufactured in a traditional way with modern techniques, tools and machines where no chemicals or high temperature heating is used. This helps in maintain the natural quality and aroma of oils.

The processed oils are durably packaged in bottles. Cans and tins. Hence, the oil reaches the customers free from impurities and contamination.

Tiwana has always worked to make their customers the first choice. The long journey of more than a decade has made the company experience and innovative. With a mission to become a leading leader in India, the company has set its own strategy for a hopeful big and better future.


Contribute to making India one of the best countries in livestock nutrition and protein supply. Leading the best process through our overall development strategy is our way towards success.


To take care of the nutritional needs of the country and to complete the nutritional requirements in the country with best way possible.


The most important part of Tiwana is there people, team, Farmers, Distributors, Employees and all other Retailers. While working in one direction, Tiwana has made their actions more powerful and Precise. To ensure the world leading company in the Cattle Feed Industry we focuses our vision on the modernization and updating of an industry. Employees are proud of the fact that they are part of an organization which is benefiting thousands of farmers and created employment opportunities for countless people.


Established for more than a decade, Tiwana is a leading livestock food producer with 500 metric tons of livestock’s feed production capacity. With a vast storage capacity to meet the huge demand, cleanliness is fully kept in mind for the ultra modern infrastructure. Excellent team and 24 x 7 customer support services contribute to the collection of gifts. This diet is the result of complete research and development on livelihood needs and their preferences and taste. Better and advanced way is the result of complete research and development on livestock needs their preferences and taste.Better and advanced way helps us to satisfy our livestock more efficiently.