Specially prepared according to silage for first timers for high milk production.

Balanced feed rich in high protein, energy, minerals, vitamins and buffers.

Free from all fungal and mouldy feed toxics

For which animal?

Specially designed feed for all type of Indian silage.

This feed is recommended for cows giving 20 to 40 liters of milk.

How to give?

Give this feed 2 times a day.

Give 1kg of feed for 2.5 kg of milk.

1 kg of feed after total milk for animal body.


For high milk production, milk fat and S.N.F.

It prevent the animal from the toxicity coming from silage which cannot be stopped within silage, which halters the digestibility, where this feed binds the toxic substance and throw it out in the manure.

Reduces Repeat breeding and gynecological issues.